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Huichol art in Daft Punk helmets

Huichol art in Daft Punk helmets

After 28 years of making music together, it is with sadness that we received the news of their separation. To say goodbye, we tell you about the time Huicholas hands decorated Daft Punk’s helmets.

It was also February but it was the year of 2017 when the opening of the temporary store of the French duo Daft Punk was announced, where you could buy exclusive items from this group, but there is something that only they have and that nobody can buy: Daft helmets Punk decorated with Huichol art.

How is it that this duo has helmets decorated with Huichol art? The story begins in Mexico City, with a Daft Punk fan. They know him for Maz Power (he likes to keep the mystery as the duo) and he started by making helmets himself like those of the French group for his own use, but he quickly captured the eyes of other fans and that was how four years ago he finally decided put their creations on sale.

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Not long ago, Maz’s futuristic helmets came face to face with Huichol art; it was fate. This is how Daft Punk helmets were created. Thanks to the artisan hands of César Menchaca. These helmets ended up becoming a true work of art that transmits through each colorful design the worldview of this town settled mainly in the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, San Luis Potosí, Durango, and Zacatecas.

Concerning Huichol art design in Daft Punk Helmets

what few know is that in them -and through their colorful colors- they portray their deities and their worldview. Their religion is based on the relationship of three elements: corn, deer, and peyote. A large part of their aesthetics is influenced by the visions they have during their peyote rituals.

Maz Power was fascinated with the final result and did not hesitate to fly to Los Angeles to offer a tribute to this pair of musicians, and as Maz, himself says “partly I live thanks to them”.

It is important to mention that Huichol handicrafts are recognized throughout the world due to their beauty and complexity in the elaboration. To the extent that many of their pieces become the object of worship among their experts.

This Mexican entrepreneur remembers that during his stay in Los Angeles, many people were impressed by the designs of the helmets, and although he was able to sell them at whatever price he wanted, he knew they already had an owner.

We do not know who now has those helmets and after their separation, we will not know who will keep them. It will always remain in our memory and the music of the mythical band Daft Punk will sound in many more moments.

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